At Labour Amplified, we have 15 years of experience in South African labour relations and we are bound by the South African Board of People Practices code of ethics. We provide:


  • Recruitment of employees;

  • Assessment of applicants and current employees using the Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis to ensure the best personality fits for roles and optimal teamwork.

  • Full labour relations advisory services including drafting of contracts and policies.

  • Dispute resolution in workplaces, including mediation of employee/employer disputes and chairing grievance hearings and disciplinary hearings;

  • Union negotiations as independent consultant;

  • Advice and training on best practices in HRM and ER;

  • Keynote speaking engagements in-house as part of team building, or in larger settings such as conferences.

  • Management consultancy on domestic and international labour legislative practices and procedures.


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About us:








Jahni de Villiers has 15 years of labour relations experience as a trade union organiser, and thereafter a policy influencer for organised agriculture to complement her LLM degree in Labour Law.  Jahni completed an intermediate course on ER/HR at the AOTS in Tokyo, Japan in 2018. She represents organised business as a National Minimum Wage Commissioner. She represented organised business at the 108th International Labour Conference in the committee on violence and harassment, resulting in the new Convention 190 on Violence and Harassment in the World Of Work. She has been identified as one of 10 employer representatives worldwide to attend a further workshop on violence and harassment at the ITC ILO in Turin, Italy. Jahni was chosen as one of Mail & Guardian’s Women Changing South Africa (2019). Jahni is an accomplished speaker and a Chartered Human Resources Professional (SABPP registration number 64083059).  Jahni is also certified to administer the Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis (PPA). If you have questions ranging from simple labour relations matters right through to international labour lawmaking, she has answers for you.