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Doing business in other SADC countries: Where do I start to establish labour standards?

Doing business on the African continent has its own opportunities and challenges. Businesses need to ensure that they are aware of the labour standards and employment legislation of the country they will be establishing operations in if the idea is to employ people locally. The SADC region has a wealth of opportunities but it can be difficult to establish exactly what needs to be done to ensure adherence to labour legislation.

Luckily, Africa innovates. The SADC Labour Law Library is an incredible tool, designed to ease the regulatory burden that can sometimes accompany doing business in a foreign country. The tool enables users to compare the labour standards of different SADC countries to each other and allows users to download these comparison tables for later use.

The SADC Labour Law Library was developed by various experts under the auspices of the SADC Private Sector Forum (SPSF) and the project is hosted by BrandAfrica.

Have a look around and register an account, it really is a must have for all multinational businesses in SADC:

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